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2012 Chrysler 300C SRT8 Specifications:

All dimensions are in inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted. All dimensions are measured at curb weight with standard tires and wheels. Note: Information shown is correct at time of publication, and is subject to change without notice.


Body Style: E-segment sedan

Assembly Plant: Brampton Assembly Plant, Ontario, Canada

EPA Vehicle Class: Large car

Introduction Date: Summer 2011 as 2012 model


Availability: Standard Type and Description: 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled

Displacement: cu. in. (cu. cm.) 392 (6,424) Bore x Stroke: 4.09 x 3.72 (103.9 x 94.5)

Valve System: Pushrod-operated overhead valves, 16 valves with sodiumfilled exhaust valves and hollow stem intake valves, 16 conventional hydraulic lifters, all with roller tips.

Fuel Injection: Sequential, multi-port, electronic, returnless; automatic features Fuel Saver mode.

Construction: Deep-skirt cast-iron block with cross-bolted main bearing caps, aluminum alloy heads with hemispherical combustion chambers.

Compression Ratio: 10.9:1

Power: (est.) (SAE J2723) 465 hp at 6,000 rpm Torque: (est.) (SAE J2723) 465 lb.-ft. at 4,200 rpm

Max. Engine Speed: 6,400 rpm (electronically limited)

Fuel Requirement: Premium 91 octane (R+M)/2 - recommended

Oil Capacity: qt. (L) 7 (6.6) Factory Oil Fill: 5W-40 Synthetic Coolant Capacity: qt. (L) 14 (13.25)

Emission Controls: Dual close-coupled three-way catalytic converters, quadheated oxygen sensors and internal engine features. (a)

EPA Fuel Economy: mpg (City/Hwy) TBD Assembly Plant: Saltillo Engine Plant, Saltillo, Mexico

(a) Meets Federal Tier 2 Bin 5 emission requirements and ULEV II requirements in California, Massachusetts, New York, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington.


Availability: Standard with 6.4-liter HEMI engine

Description: Adaptive electronic control or Auto Stick driver-interactive manual control and electronically modulated torque converter clutch.

Gear Ratios: 1st 3.59 - 2nd 2.19 - 3rd 1.41 - 4th 1.00 - 5th 0.83 - Reverse 3.16

Final Drive Ratio: 3.06 - Getrag limited-slip differential Overall Top Gear: 2.54


Alternator: 220-amp Battery: H7 case, 730 CCA, maintenance-free


Wheelbase: 120.2 (3,052) Track, Front: 63.4 (1,610.93) Track, Rear: 63.1 (1,604)

Overall Length: 200.33 (5,088.4) Overall Width: 74.24 (1,885.8)

Overall Height: 58.26 (1,479.76) Ground Clearance: (Minimum) 4.37 (111.2) - Front

Drag Coefficient: (Cd) 0.334 Curb Weight: lb. (kg) 4,365 (1,979.7)

Weight Distribution: percent F/R 54/46 Fuel Tank Capacity: gal. (L) 19.1 (72.2)

(d) All dimensions measured at curb weight with standard tires.


Seating Capacity: F/R 2/3

Front - Head room: 38.6 (981) 36.9 (938.4) with dual-pane sunroof

Legroom: 41.8 (1,061) Shoulder room: 59.5 (1,510) Hip room: 56.2 (1,428)

Seat travel - Driver: 10.6 (270) Passenger: 8.66 (220)

Recliner angle range: deg. Power: 70.7 Manual: 70

EPA front row interior volume: cu. ft. (cu. m.) 55.6 (1.573)

Rear Seat -Head room: 37.9 (963) 36.9 (937) with dual-pane sunroof

Legroom: 40.1 (1,019) Knee clearance: 3.9 (99) Shoulder room: 57.7 (1,465)

Hip room: 56.1 (142) EPA second row interior volume: cu. ft. (cu. m.) 50.7 (1.4)

Total Interior Volume: cu. ft. (cu. m.) 106.3 (3.0)

EPA Luggage Compartment Volume: cu. ft. (cu. m) 16.3 (0.5)

EPA Interior Volume Index: cu. ft. (cu. m) 122.6 (3.5)

Trunk Liftover Height: 30.1 (768.9)


Layout: Longitudinal front engine, RWD Construction: Unitized steel body and aluminum hood.


Type: Dual 2.75-in. active exhaust with dual 4-in. round tips

SUSPENSION: SRT tuned adaptive damping

Front: Independent SLA with high upper "A" arm, coil spring over ADS Bilstein shock absorber, 30 mm. stabilizer bar, lateral and diagonal lower links.

Rear: Five-link independent with coil spring, ADS Bilstein shock absorber and isolated suspension cradle, link type 18 mm. stabilizer bar.

STEERING: SRT tuned rack and pinion with hydraulic power assist

Overall Ratio: 14.4:1 Steering Turns: (lock-to-lock) 2.75


Front and Rear Standard on 300 SRT8: Size and type: 245/45R20 All-season

Mfr. and mode: Goodyear Eagle RSA Revs per mile: (km) 731 (456)

Front and Rear Optional on 300 SRT8: Size and type: 245/45R20 Three-season

Mfr. and model: Goodyear F1 Supercar Revs per mile: (km) 726 (450)


Availability: Standard on 300 SRT8

Type and material: Full forged aluminum, (Optional black chrome finish) Size: 20 x 9.0


Front - Rotor size and type: 14.2 x 1.26 (360 x 32) vented and slotted

Caliper size and type: 1.73 (44) Brembo four-piston fixed with aluminum housing

Swept area: sq. in. (sq. cm.) 351 (2,261)

Rear - Rotor size and type: 13.8 x 1.10 (350 x 28) vented and slotted

Caliper size and type: 1.26 (32) Brembo four-piston fixed with aluminum housing

Swept area: sq. in. (sq. cm.) 316 (2,036)

Source Of Information And Photos: Chrysler Archives

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